"Writing is the painting of the voice!" Voltaire
“We are writers, my love. We don't cry. We bleed on paper!” A.Y.
“I have been through the fire of your darkest fears, yet still I burn for a Truth that is unspoken! I rise because I must!” Quote from: “We, the Gods!” A work in progress....Eratta Sibetta
"Circumstances don't define you. What does is how you handle them!"
Soft in Flowers: A Personification of Maridbu...an Author's impression!
Women everywhere are changing dynamics and narratives about how we want to be treated...
I am a Writer so, “Anything you say or do may be used in a story!”
“The simple act of paying attention will take you a long way!” Keanu Reeves
“What's yours is mine and what's mine is always mine!” Soft in Flowers. Eratta Sibetta

Women everywhere are changing dynamics and narratives about how we want to be treated…when doors were closed in my face, I created my own…turned down from every university to study creative writing was simply another hurdle I had to cross, so that each step I made was towards something I had envisioned. So I taught myself to write and I know all about women and or children denied a voice in a world where we aspire to become a part of something greater…a world where we can shape our lives and of those we love with our words, our laughter and our joy!

The controversy of a quiet heart needs no justification! Yet who will speak your Truth when you are silent! Yesterday I looked forward to today, yet today I look forward to tomorrow… and tomorrow I will see the world with different eyes, believing only that I shall speak for myself…

About the Author...

Born in Livingstone, Zambia, Eratta followed a 15 year career in Banking, then moved to England and worked for HM Treasury for several years, while pursuing a Masters Degree in Banking and International Finance and became fascinated with the idea of writing about her experiences growing up in Zambia in the 1970s. She lives in Dulverton, England.


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